“Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s G7: Modi gives 10-point call to action to address food & health related issues at Hiroshima G7 Summit”

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi delivers a compelling 10 Point Call to Action at the Hiroshima G7 Summit, addressing critical global issues. In his speech, he highlighted the transformative power of traditional medicine and its potential to improve people's lives, emphasizing that it serves as a toolkit for positive change.

Recognizing the need for sustainable agriculture, Prime Minister Modi stressed the importance of eco-friendly farming practices and reducing reliance on chemical fertilizers.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister emphasized the significance of addressing climate change and achieving the goal of net-zero emissions. He emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts among nations to mitigate climate risks and accelerate the transition to clean energy sources.

Prime Minister Modi called for increased global cooperation in the fight against COVID-19, advocating for the equitable distribution of vaccines and strengthening healthcare systems to ensure preparedness for future health crises.

He also stressed the need for technology-driven governance, harnessing the power of digital innovations to enhance transparency, efficiency, and inclusivity in public services.

In addition, Prime Minister Modi highlighted the importance of women empowerment and gender equality, calling for equal opportunities and rights for women across all sectors.

The Prime Minister emphasized the significance of sustainable and resilient infrastructure development, highlighting the need for infrastructure that is both environmentally friendly and economically viable.

Furthermore, he underscored the importance of preserving and promoting cultural diversity, emphasizing the value of cultural heritage and its contribution to sustainable development.

Prime Minister Modi emphasized the need for global cooperation to combat terrorism and extremism, urging nations to join forces in eradicating the threats to peace and stability.

Finally, he called for reforms in global institutions to make them more representative, inclusive, and responsive to the needs and aspirations of all nations.

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi's 10 Point Call to Action at the Hiroshima G7 Summit reflects India's commitment to addressing global challenges through sustainable development, innovation, and cooperation. His visionary approach encompasses diverse areas, ranging from healthcare and agriculture to climate change and governance, demonstrating India's leadership in shaping a better and more inclusive world.

As part of this vision, Pathyashi is actively engaged in the development of traditional medicine and the integration of ancient knowledge such as Vrikshayurveda. With a focus on sustainability and the well-being of people and the planet, India is at the forefront of shaping a better future for all.

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  1. Dr mamta choudhary

    Our millets are very beneficial in health in all over of world and our prime minister do introduce ..it

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