Dubai’s Dr. Zeba Moopen Shares How Ayurveda Saved Her Life

Dr. Zeba Moopen, the daughter of the founder and chairman of UAE-based Aster DM Healthcare, has shared her experience with Ayurveda, a traditional holistic medical system from India. Dr. Zeba, who herself is an allopathic doctor, turned to Ayurveda after suffering from psoriatic arthritis, a genetic autoimmune disease. Initially, she posted anonymously about her painful journey, but after receiving an overwhelming response, she decided to go public. Dr. Zeba was admitted to an over-a-century-old Ayurveda institution in Kerala, where she underwent a two-week treatment with Ayurvedic medicine and diet, including a liquid diet to detox her system. With Ayurvedic treatment, 70% of her medical issues were resolved. Dr. Zeba said that maintaining a healthy lifestyle, with a primary focus on food and mental health, gave her hope and strength to overcome the disorder. The medication and diet empowered her body to heal. The experience led her to establish Wellth Clinic in Jumeirah, which offers holistic wellness solutions.

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We hope that Dr. Moopen’s story will inspire and encourage others who are facing health challenges to explore different treatment options, including traditional systems of medicine like Ayurveda.

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