Beware of heated honey and honey mixed with ghee!

Annapoorani et al. (2010) conducted a study to investigate the physicochemical characteristics of heated honey and honey mixed with ghee, along with their food consumption pattern in rats. The study aimed to evaluate any potential changes or effects resulting from these treatments.

The researchers analyzed various parameters such as pH, electrical conductivity, reducing sugars, and hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) content. HMF is a compound that forms when honey is heated excessively or mixed with ghee. Its presence is considered an indicator of honey quality and safety.

The findings indicated that heating honey and mixing it with ghee resulted in significant changes in the physicochemical properties. These changes included alterations in pH, electrical conductivity, and increased HMF content, suggesting potential degradation and loss of nutritional components.

Moreover, the study also explored the food consumption pattern of rats when fed heated honey and honey mixed with ghee. The results revealed variations in food intake, indicating a possible impact on palatability and acceptability.

Based on this research, it is advisable to consume honey in its natural, unheated form to preserve its beneficial properties and prevent potential negative effects associated with heating and mixing it with ghee.

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