Agni Assessment

(Know your digestive power)

Ayurveda, a healthcare system that focuses on individualization and a person-centric approach, places great importance on assessing Agni – your digestive power. By understanding your Agni, Ayurvedic practitioners can offer tailored dietary recommendations, lifestyle advice, and therapeutic interventions. There are four types of digestive power: Mandagni (weak), Vishamagni (irregular), Samagni (regular), and Tikshnagni (intense). Your Agni status can vary depending on factors such as your individual constitution, age, and seasonal rhythm. Therefore, accurately evaluating your Agni from an Ayurvedic perspective is crucial. Moreover, Agni is essential from a therapeutic standpoint as the nature of drugs, dosage, and routes of administration are all dependent on the strength of your Agni. By understanding your Agni, you can take control of your digestive health and optimize your overall well-being.


How to use

·      Be completely honest with your answers.

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